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Successful range development (am)

Created exclusively for the DCA BGA 

Competition for consumer spend is at an all time high. There are discounters around every corner offering cheap versions and imitations of our products. Not to mention online marketplaces providing an easy route to market for local as well as far flung merchants. How does a direct commerce retailer fight back?

During this intensive, inspiring and immersive half day workshop, Andrew will cover:

  • How eCommerce has changed the way we need to buy for our ranges and how it enables us to introduce intra-seasonal products as well as respond quickly to emerging trends and events
  • How can we find good products that ‘sing to our strengths’, driving our own unique USP (that keeps customers interested and buying) – as well as which generate vital margin
  • Where does ‘own brand’ or ‘exclusive’ fit as part of this and how can we protect our designs or make them our own
  • Examples of successful merchants which have stayed true to their original ethos and are still growing despite look-a-like competitive products flooding market. Let’s also look at a few others which appear to have lost the plot.
  • Do we need to buy separate ranges for our different channels? Is there is a difference between a successful web product and one that sells strongly via catalogue or performs well in-store ?
  • Should we enter in the fray of Black Friday and other promotions or does that simply attract one time bargain hunters rather than good longer term and loyal customers?
  • Do you have products that warrant hero status and which can be further developed or versioned 
  • How do you attribute product sales to each channel and campaign? 
  • How do we now measure success?
  • How has technology evolved to support the buying and merchandising function and what is producing the best RO
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Queen's Hotel, The Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 1NN - click here for a map & transport information

Please note that parking is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.


9.30am-12.30pm - registration from 8.45am

All delegates are welcome to stay for lunch and then join the DCA Cotswolds event in the afternoon

Rates (includes refreshments & lunch):

£65 per person

VAT is payable at the prevailing rate. All bookings are considered to be final. Substitutions may be made at any time.

To book your place call 01271 866112 or email us

The DCA's booking terms and conditions can be found here