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Getting serious about social for innovative DCA members

Created exclusively for the DCA BGA 

Not too long ago it was primarily the role of the marketing team, along with an external PR company who managed the brand/company reputation.

Today the role of brand/company management has more to do with cross functional departments, and none more so than HR teams working in correlation with Marketing, and dare I say it, other cross functional departments also.

This is because today everyone in a company will be 'socially connected' on some platform or another.

We've even seen employees with a greater number of ‘Social Media’ followers than the CMO and CEO, they are in fact micro influencers of the company/brand without you even knowing it. They’re already sharing thought's and views about what it's like to work there. As such they will be the first port of call when prospects, customers, and potential employees are thinking about doing business with you, so your company will need to harness the extraordinary power associated with it or lose out to your nearest competitor who does.

In today's socially savvy, digitally connected world potential clients, customers, and yes employees are checking out your company and its incumbent employees across numerous social platforms. Unlike a few years ago when your website told people what you wanted them to know today people can do their own due diligence on your company, so it's probably not a bad thing that you have a greater understanding of the power of social media for something other than marketing's use paid media to 'advertise and promote' what it is your company does.

If you want to attract, retain, and encourage fantastic employee and consumer advocacy then ignoring the fact that 3.5bn people are on social media around the world isn't sound business sense is it?

In September 2019 as the No 1 Voice around the world for 'Social Selling' we at ‘DLA Ignite’ are pleased to be launching the world’s first industry approved 'Social Media' accreditation program.

This will be an industry recognised certified accreditation program that will provide significant social media skills to as many of your employees as is required, think NVQ level accreditation.

It's our mission to deliver this via a combination of a 12 week (90-minute sessions) and one to one mentoring, an accolade that will prove your company is indeed an 'investor in people'.

It’s time to take another look at how much the ‘buying process’ has changed. We have seen “social selling” (which probably isn’t a good name for it) change from being a niche idea to being potentially the ONLY idea.

  • GDPR a problem? Use social selling. You don’t need a database, you don’t need to send out, you simply publish content and people engage, or not, depending on whether they like it.
  • Can’t get your calls answered? No problem, connect (in a non sales way) to some people and give them your best ideas…then they might read them and get to like you.
  • Advertising not generating inbound? Try simply sharing some of your expertise on social.
  • No pipeline…social selling can generate you as many meetings as you want with people you want to meet.
  • Social selling is easy, you just need to create a great profile which talks about you rather than what you do, you need to grow your audience and engage them in conversations and you need to teach them some things that they don’t know. That’s easy. What isn’t so easy though is doing this in a consistent and regular way. Day after day, week after week…and not just you, but your entire team or organisation. That’s the tricky part. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it impossible? Definitely not.

    With the right training and empowerment, you can enable your whole organisation to tell the world how great they are, and how great you are, and that is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal.
    This one day introduction ‘Social Strategy’ workshop is designed for all company stakeholders, whilst marketing has long been the silo in a company for social media we set out the business case along with practical involvement for further investing in, and developing your leadership team and employees to unleash the enormous power of a ‘Social Media Strategy’.

    This introductory workshop, exclusive to the DCA BGA - will be delivered by Stephen Sumner; LinkedIn profile here
    C-Suite international commercial marketing guy with tons of B2C/B2B eCommerce & Multi-Channel Brand marketing experience.

  • Grew the 5th largest email marketing company in the U.K. - purely by accident.
  • Gained the global patent for an Interactive Shop Window (tech) and never made a penny from it.
  • Built & Sold a number of Data & Martech companies.
  • Negotiated, Won, and walked away from the Global License for eCommerce and Mail Order for 'Downton Abbey
  • Migrated 24 different mail order businesses into a single eCommerce platform.
  • Recovered an International Brand from a 'Google' Site wide penalty - in 2 months
  • Re-Branded, Re-Positioned, and Re-Engineered what is now the 2nd largest Shapewear and Hosiery Brand in the USA.
  • Obsessed with the ‘causal’ factors that encourage people to engage with your brand (or not) over a competitor, today it’s mainly influenced by Social Media.


    Stratford Park Hotel & Golf Club, Snitterfield, Stratford Upon Avon CV37 0QE - click here to see a map 

    Timings & Agenda:

    Registration from 9.00am

    9.30 11.00: The business case for a ‘Social Media’ strategy. In the opening session we discuss the changing landscape that has opened new ways of thinking about the use of ‘Social Media’ for businesses (B2B/B2C) for something other than to ‘advertise and promote’ the company.

    11.00 – 11.15: Coffee break

    11.15 12.30: Personal Branding & Profile building. In this session we look at why it’s vital to build out your personal brand, we look at how you would go about this in a practical session where delegates start to build out their profile.

    12.30 – 13.00: Lunch

    13.00 – 14.15: Growing your network. Without a growing network you will struggle to amplify your personal brand, your company brand, and associated content, this session takes you through practical activity to commence building your network.

    14.15: Coffee break

    14.30 – 16.00: Mitigating internal Barriers for the creation of a successful Social Media strategy. We will break the room into teams to brainstorm and present back the people barriers to get a social strategy working. This will also include another brainstorm and presenting back the internal process barriers to get a strategy working.

    16.00 – 16.30: We ask the delegates to write a letter to themselves in 6 months’ time. This is where they make a commitment to go back to the office and do this, they are going to write a letter to themselves which we will mail out to them in six months. The letter will cover what they will do differently, and how they are going to be ‘change agents’ back at the office.

    16.30 CLOSE

    Rates (to include lunch & refreshments):

    DCA members £245 each | Non members £345 each

    VAT is payable at the prevailing rate. All bookings are considered to be final. Substitutions may be made at any time.

    For more information or to book please call 01271 866112 or email us

    The DCA's booking terms and conditions can be found here

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