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GDPR & Data Guidance in 2020

Created exclusively for the DCA BGA

Much has been changed or clarified since the initial GDPR guidelines were published. The preparation undertaken by businesses was mostly prior to the final legislation being published. This resulted in much confusion and this was magnified as elements like legitimate interest and ‘soft opt-in’ were later recognised. It is now time to clarify all of this in the context of today’s marketing landscape and explore all of the newly emerging elements with a strong practical marketing mindset.

By focusing on what has changed or subsequently been clarified, this workshop will bring all delegates up to date on this critical area of legislation. It will shed light on newer elements of marketing including social media advertising, building audiences, and identifying ways to mitigate or lawfully resurrecting “presumed lost” data.

Whilst clearly linked to compliance, the law and guidelines, these sessions are focused on marketing and will give insights into digital marketing techniques and how to apply them compliantly. Whilst NOT a legal session, the workshop is intended to provide guidance and share experiences, including the management of non-compliant issues, and subject access requests.

We most strongly recommend that your business is represented at one of these sessions by at least one of your senior team members. Compliance concerns covered include:

  • The use of legitimate interest rather than consent as a legal basis for processing
  • The use of ‘soft opt-in’ and what you can and can’t do with email and mobile phone data and when you can’t rely on soft opt-in.
  • How you can still use data if you sent a ‘stay with us campaign’ prior to GDPR, seemingly switching much of your data off.
  • What role SMS has in the communications mix?
  • How you can establish a stronger and more compliant use of data.
  • What data can you buy or rent, and on what basis, and what the opportunity is to use data or share data from another business in instances of failure or insolvency.

We will talk about the proposed direct marketing guidance published in January and the things to be concerned about including:

  • The definition of B2B prospects, as the ICO is once again suggesting the exclusion of sole trader and partnership email data.
  • The prospect of outlawed ‘member geta member programmes’ or viral marketing and your role as an ‘instigator’ if you provide an incentive for customers to recruit other customers.
  • What you can’t do if you are creating audiences and look-a-like audiences in social media.

Timings & Venue:

Registration from 8.45am | Workshop runs from 9.20-16.30

TBC, Bristol

Rates (includes lunch & all refreshments):

DCA Members £245 per person or 2 places for £367 | Non Members £345 per person 

VAT is payable at the prevailing rate. All bookings are considered to be final. Substitutions may be made at any time.

For more information or to book please call 0208 092 5227 or email us

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