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eCommerce Growth Masterclass (am)

Mar 05, 2020 9:30 AM

Created exclusively for the DCA BGA 

This half day workshop is an absolute must for everyone who wants to be certain that their website is generating the level of sales it should. Whether you run the eCommerce team or run the business, wherever you are on the ladder in terms of tech skills or commerce, Ian will share deep insight into what happens when visitors land on your site and points to the areas that everyone should be focused on, to get more visitors filling their baskets and completing their purchases.

When Ian presented a session earlier this year for the DCA delegates described it as ‘spell binding’, ‘commercial and uncompromising’, ‘engaging’, ‘the best session on eCommerce in a very long time’ and Ian even earned the accolade ‘The UK’s Amy Africa’ - and that is praise indeed! Seriously, this workshop will help you to focus your team’s efforts on where the richest rewards can be generated. Peppered with real world examples and offering the opportunity to evaluate your own site (don’t forget your laptop), spaces are limited. All delegates will receive a copy of Ian’s latest book ‘Ultimate guide to eCommerce Growth’.

During this half day workshop, Ian will cover the following:

1. Add to basket rate

A deep dive into add to basket rate, buyer types, quick wins, product pages, bounce rates and how to raise this KPI.

2. Website Speed & Capacity

How to benchmark your website speed, why it’s so important in ecommerce, how and when to test your speed and how to raise this KPI.

3. Lifetime Customer Value

Looking at customer recruitment, offers such as discount and delivery choices, customer satisfaction, remarketing, social proof, marketing channels, customer feedback and communication, how to calculate and improve this KPI as it’s often a KPI that is overlooked.

4. Growth of 6 month customer recruitment year on year

How to grow your customer recruitment and look at ecommerce sales funnels

5. Average order value

How to immediately increase this metric.

6. Traffic Growth

SEo, paid traffic, personalisation, adwords, social media, email, affiliates and how to grow your traffic.

7. Basket to order rate

Getting visitors to proceed to checkout, getting visitors from checkout to order confirmation, checkout performance, buyer flow and increasing your basket to order rate.

8. KPI success depends on you

Where to start, where to end, and what to do in between with a long term focus on KPI’s.

Timings & Venue:

Registration from 8.45am | Workshop runs from 9.30am - 4.30pm

Hilton Harrogate Majestic Hotel & Spa, Ripon Rd, Harrogate, N Yorks HG1 2HU - click here for a map 

Rates (to include breakfast/lunch & refreshments):

DCA members £122.50 each | Non members £172.50 each 

VAT is payable at the prevailing rate. All bookings are considered to be final. Substitutions may be made at any time.

For more information or to book please call 01271 866112 or email us

The DCA's booking terms and conditions can be found here