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DCA Silver Market Lifestyle Day

Mar 14, 2019 9:30 AM

Our perception of what constitutes a mature market customer is changing. All driven by longer life expectancy and a more youthful, active and savvy group who value their independence and quality of life during their retirement years. This DCA event focuses wholly on this key market segment in order that members and the wider direct to consumer community can share relevant insight and experience to support business growth.

PLUS: for our Gardening sector members there is the option of a full afternoon with your peers discussing all aspects of the gardening market, from range development to extending market reach, CRM and more.

Confirmed speakers: 

Chris Wheatley, Peter Hahn; Alex Pratt, Serious Readers; Gordon Hill, Epsilon; Stephen Wild, Sky AdSmart; Martin Harvey, Bio-Gard; Paul Hendrick, DJH Advertising; Ian Hammersley, smartebusiness; Amanda Griffiths, Royal Mail MarketReach...

Confirmed sessions: 

Driving Growth and Lifetime Value with Direct Mail

Gordon Hill, Epsilon

In this session Gordon, drawing from research, will discuss:

  • Direct mail and the mature market
  • Catalogue, the best solution for the mature market
  • The gardening sector as a specific niche within the mature market
  • Designing bespoke data solutions

‘70 is definitely the new 50’: Adopting the right tone of voice for today’s mature customers

Paul Hendrick, DJH Advertising

In this presentation discover what today’s mature consumers are watching, reading, googling, listening to and tweeting, using what you learn to ensure that your campaigns hit the mark. DJH’s first project 30 years ago was a direct marketing campaign for McCarthy & Stone, the property developer for the over 50’s. Since then DJH it has recruited tens of thousands of mature customers for a range of clients, creating award winning and profitable catalogues for businesses including Peter Christian, Fur Feather and Fin, and Fife Country amongst others

Developing winning off-the-page campaigns

Martin Harvey, Bio-Gard

Off the page should be part of every mature market campaign. Why? Because mature customers are the bedrock of newspaper and magazine readership. Because extremely advantageous rates can be negotiated. Because response is utterly measurable and because many campaigns are profitable in themselves even before lifetime value is added. This session covers the essentials of successful off the page advertising from a direct retailer’s perspective.

How to grow eCommerce revenue from £5M to £10M

Ian Hammersley, smartebusiness

In this session Ian discusses how top retailers have scaled their businesses to 10 million plus. He will take a deep dive into the main KPI revenue drivers for an eCommerce site and will give key stats for retailers to benchmark against. We will look at some of the most successful retailers and the tactics they have used to grow.

Let there be light

Alex Pratt, Serious Readers

Serious Readers designs, assembles and markets specialist lamps for those who read, enjoy intricate craft based hobbies and whose eyesight may not be as sharp as it used to be. With floor and desk models, Serious Readers advertises extensively in the press, produces catalogues and wholesales its products. Hear from founder Alex how his business is progressing in these tougher times against “look-a-like” competitors, and how top quality customer service sets Serious Readers apart. 

TV: the medium trusted by mature customers

Stephen Wild, Sky AdSmart

TV advertising used to be prohibitively expensive, out of reach, and hard to measure. These days however it has become more affordable as well as utterly targetable. In this session see and hear how niche mature market retailers are leveraging the benefits of TV advertising, and reaping the rewards.

Gardening: afternoon “lock-in” session:

Hosted by Martin Harvey, Bio-Gard & DCA Board Member

Martin has enjoyed a lengthy career during which he has headed the direct divisions of a number of horticulture product businesses. He also served as managing director of Bakker in the distant past and now runs Bio-Gard, a specialist business which is best known for its Muck Munchers septic tank maintenance products. Who better then to host and lead this boardroom table based session dedicated to those DCA members and the wider direct commerce community who specialise in gardening and outdoor leisure products. Where most retailers blame the weather, whether too hold, too cold, too dry, too wet, on their performance, those selling to gardeners really do bear the brunt of it.

Join this afternoon’s dedicated gardening group and take your place at the table with the discussion kicking off with a welcome from Martin and his insights on what led to the demise of Bakker which was once a sector leader in the UK and Europe. 

Bakker Holland - From €200 Million to Zero

Why Europe’s biggest garden mail order company went bust and some lessons we should learn. You can expect deep insight and a number of seismic lessons on how not to grow and nurture a gardening products business.

Martin will be joined by Gordon Hill of Epsilon who will elaborate on the value of direct mail and catalogues for the gardening sector. Sky Adsmart’s Steve Wild will discuss how garden centres are using locally targeted TV advertising to drive footfall and how campaigns can easily skip periods of adverse weather ….

This session is all about sharing insight and experience as well as looking at how businesses can support each other in promoting the enjoyment of gardening to mature customers – and their grown-up children.


The Queen's Club, Palliser Road, London W14 9EQ - click here for a map

Parking is available on a first come, first served basis - please let us know if you require a space when booking.


DCA members £125 (+VAT) per person or 2 places for £199 (+VAT)

Non members £155 (+VAT) per person or 2 places for £280 (+VAT)

For more information please call 01271 866112 or email us

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