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CRM – Planning & Practice for Digital Marketers

Mar 19, 2020 9:20 AM

Created exclusively for the DCA BGA

This workshop, led by CRM expert Jane Dixon is designed to help marketers overcome customer retention challenges. It provides the knowledge and skills to enable them to design a CRM Roadmap & gain buy-in from senior stakeholders.

The main focus of the course is on digital marketing strategies and tactics in the retail sector, utilising real world examples from well-known brands.

It will benefit Junior Marketers looking to move into a more senior and strategic role, Senior Team members who are taking on new responsibilities within their organisation or employees moving into a role that supports the marketing function.


Part One

Module One - CRM, A Strategic Approach

  • The Value of CRM
  • Strategy vs Tactics

Module Two - Customer Objectives & Marketing Objectives

  • CRM Strategies; Lifecycle marketing, Loyalty programs & Customer Experience
  • Measuring Success – Getting the data right
  • Platforms & Technologies Overview
  • Measuring your Customer Base
  • Web & Email analytics plus other channels; social, mobile etc

Module Three - CRM Fundamentals

  • Approaches to data collection; instore & online
  • Segmentation; Purchase frequency
  • Personalisation
  • Data privacy

Part Two

Module One - Creating a CRM Roadmap – Part 1

  • How well do you know your customer?
  • Fundamentals of marketing automation
  • Lifecycle marketing programs – Acquisition & Conversion

Module Two - Creating a CRM Roadmap – Part 2

  • Lifecycle marketing programs – Retention & Winback
  • Program prioritisation

Module Three - Getting Buy-In For Your Plan

  • Checking Stakeholder Priorities
  • Reviewing your Marketing Tech Stack
  • Forecasting Return on Marketing Investment
  • Dealing with Agencies & Tech Suppliers
  • Presenting your CRM Plan

Timings & Venue:

Registration from 8.45am | Workshop runs from 9.20-16.30

TBC, Bristol

Rates (to include breakfast/lunch & refreshments):

DCA Members: £245 | Non Members: £345

VAT is payable at the prevailing rate. All bookings are considered to be final. Substitutions may be made at any time.

For more information or to book please call 0208 092 5227 or email us

The DCA's booking terms and conditions can be found here

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