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Latest Issue: Autumn 2018

Millennials want access to technical content before purchasing

SDL has launched a report looking at the way millennials want to engage with brands, and the value they place on instant access to technical product-related content throughout the customer buying experience.

The report, ‘Making Your Content Connect with the Next Generation,’ found that 41 per cent of millennials actively search for online tutorials, and a third (33 per cent) search for technical Q&A documents and manuals, before buying a product online. A third (29 per cent) also try to understand the size, activeness, and popularity of user communities before completing their purchase.

The report findings indicate that millennials are also more loyal to companies that deliver product-related content. Almost three-quarters (72 per cent) admit that product information affects their impression of a product, and 71 per cent are willing to recommend brands that provide access to high-quality technical information.

“Millennials grew up on digital, and are accustomed to having instant access to any information they want. They don’t expect to flip through a paper manual or even download a PDF,” said Arjen van den Akker, director product marketing at SDL. “This means brands need to offer easy to access, high-quality technical content in multiple languages, optimized for search and delivered across multiple formats. Brands must support this new way of engaging with customers by evolving and improving the way they create, manage, and deliver content.”

The report also highlights how millennials like to engage with brands, and how they want their content delivered. Not surprisingly, millennials want access to product information across multiple devices, formats and channels.

Two-thirds (66 per cent) value interactive content, and 67 per cent expect content to be personalised to their own preferences and search behaviour. Millennials also value content that takes into account their own personal context (65 per cent).

Brands can support this demand for high-quality technical information by reducing the complexity of creating, managing and distributing in-depth product content and technical documentation at scale.