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Latest Issue: Nov/Dec 2018

Creating The Perfect Photo Shoot Step by Step

Choosing a location?

We generally tend not to shoot on location, but in a studio as this can give us more flexibility. Our photography needs to be versatile and interchangeable across different mediums and platforms that Lookagain.co.uk operates.

Booking the models?

We would initially contact a number of model agencies, providing them a brief of the type of model and look we are after. We would then conduct a casting that would include models matching our brief by the agencies. The model we select would always be a professional with experience, as it’s important on a studio day where we have many shots to get through, that everyone knows what is expected and needed of them. Our final model choice would be someone who we felt was on brand and related to our consumers. It’s important to select models that consumers of the brand feel they could associate themselves with, yet at the same time carry a level of aspiration. The booking is made via the model agency who handles necessary paper work and arrangements for the model.

Selecting a photographer?

We tend to work with a number of photographers we have built up a relationship with over the years and from various projects. It’s important on a long day’s shoot that all the team and personalities work well together. Essentially it comes down to which photographer’s style is most suitable to the final look that we’re trying to achieve on that particular project. Together we would talk about the concepts, dates and availability – the practicalities. It’s important that all involved in the shoot are on the same page and working to the same objective as it’s always such a focused day.

What are the main challenges of the shoot?

By shooting in a studio, we tend to be able to work around location issues such as weather and lighting. That’s not to say that a studio shoot doesn’t pose its own challenges. Depending on the concept, we may need to create several different looks, styling and sourcing suitable props to create a number of sets. By shooting in a studio you essentially have a blank canvas, which as with a location shoot has its pros and cons. While for some shots it is the simple straightforward shoot on canvas we are after, for others, it could take hours to create that perfect set and background to a shot which tells a story. With so much product to shoot, they are always very long days with set creations, styling looks, managing the general flow of the day.

What happens immediately after the shoot, who goes through the images and how are they converted for use online, for TV, for print campaigns?

After the shoot, we all cheer, and then it’s usually a manic rush round packing everything up. During the shoot, while checking back on the images taken, we would have already started getting an idea of which final shots we want to select. Within a few days of the shoot taking place, the photographer will send through the final edit, where the team will sit down and the images which showcase the brand, product and overall feel we were trying to achieve, are selected. Any retouching or cropping will be carried out by the photographer who will send us the final shots for production. The manner in which we shoot the collections allows us to use them across all media platforms.