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Latest Issue: Jan/Feb 18

StoryStream launches AI brain for brands

StoryStream, a content marketing platform provider, has launched Aura, an artificial intelligence (AI) brain built specifically for brands. Its next generation platform now uses StoryStream’s proprietary AI capabilities, redefining how marketers work with content and build authentic relationships with customers by providing unparalleled efficiency, scale and visible ROI.

Using AI to unify digital asset management, multi-channel publishing and advanced content analytics, the StoryStream Content Marketing Platform™ enables marketers to put the most relevant visual content in front of customers. In this way they can build deeper relationships with customers, influence buying behaviour and increase conversions. The new platform will use Aura’s advanced AI skills to understand the context and performance of brand-specific content, connecting its creation, how it’s used in marketing and how its ROI is measured. Aura’s AI capabilities are modelled on the human brain and can be tailored to a brand’s specific needs and business goals. As more and more content gets analysed, Aura becomes increasingly brand-specific, intelligent and human-like; gaining the ability to predict what content should be used on specific channels for maximum impact.

Alex Vaidya, CEO and Co-founder of StoryStream comments:“The expectations and demands of today's customer are increasing exponentially. They are ultra-connected, looking for instant gratification and searching for high-quality personalised purchasing experiences from brands. As a result, marketers are under increasing pressure to deliver clear, measurable ROI even though many have limited budgets, time and resources to work with. To solve this growing problem, marketers need innovative technologies that can understand and predict human behaviour, thereby identifying what type of content will increase conversions and generate customer loyalty. This is a perfect application of AI.Our vision at StoryStream is to create intelligent technology that makes marketing more human. Aura – a state of the art AI brain built for brands, is our strongest expression of this vision yet. It helps markets remove time intensive tasks, freeing them to concentrate on the more strategic, creative and innovative aspects of marketing, something AI cannot do yet.